Midhurst Footpath Companions
Walking in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Data protection


Midhurst Footpath Companions will use your personal data for the purposes of your involvement in club activities. I understand that as a member, I am consenting to receiving information from Midhurst Footpath Companions about club activities and items related to walking and club activities by post, email, MMS or phone unless stated otherwise.

Your data will not be shared with any third party* (see below) and the principles of the Data Protection Act 1988 will be adhered to. *Data will be shared where necessary with third party organisations to meet membership requirements. The personal data will only be used for the purpose of your involvement in club or associated  activities. Children aged 16 or under wishing to provide personal details to Midhurst Footpath Companions should get their parent/guardian's permission to do so.

Members emergency contact details will be inside a sealed envelope in each of the first aid bags. In order to operate effectively and fulfil its legal obligations, Midhurst Footpath Companions needs to collect, maintain and use certain personal information about current, past and prospective members and other individuals with whom it has dealings. All such personal information, whether held on computer, paper or other media, will be obtained, handled, processed, transported and stored lawfully and correctly, in accordance with the safeguards contained in the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).