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Lockdown rules have changed

Many thanks to everybody for sharing your walk photos during the lockdown.

As Midhurst Footpath Companions can now organize group walking, reports

of those walks will now appear in the "Gallery" section.

Mystery walk on 24th March

Looks like New Pond, but don't know who those girls are!

Funny who you may bump into!

These faces mostly  look familiar. See if you can guess which is a granddaughter.

Serpentine trail 17th and 24th March

Barbara and Janet’s recent two walks have followed the Serpent Trail, First walk through Tullecombe and Fyning Estate, and the second walk in and around Rondle wood. Both about 4.5 miles.

Start of the first walk

Spooky tree

Shush don’t wake the crocodile

First wood nymph

Second wood nymph

Start of second walk, which way shall we go?

Unusual house sign

Banksy was here.

Idyllic spring scene.

Free again - well almost

We can walk again together!

Starting from 29th March 2021.

Contact your bubble co-ordinator for details.

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