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Viewing events from March, 2016

Day Walk 30th March


Eartham and Stane Street walk, lunch at The George.

Morning Walk

Mary and Barbara's Morning walk will be in the Milland area

Day Walk 2nd March 2016

Denis has stepped in to do a walk between Hillbrow and Rogate, start point will be in the Village Hall car park, behind the White Horse.     Jennifer's walk has moved to 16th March.


The Normans during the twelfth century established the churches, an abbey at Durford, and large estates for the Norman rulers. From medieval times Rogate was the first and largest of the valley communities & the two fine stone bridges at Durford and Habin date from that time. In the Tudor period Rogate became a centre for the iron industry with furnaces and noisy hammers forging iron goods for general purposes but also for the new Portsmouth Naval Dockyard. The furnaces were fired with charcoal, so the woodland was gradually cleared. The industry declined with the advent of coal-fired furnaces in the north of England. (Thanks to Rogatevillage.net)