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Viewing events from June, 2016

Morning Walk 29th June 2016 Balls Cross

Jeff's walk is around 4.1/2 miles, can be a bit muddy but is level and easy going. Park in the lay-by near The Stags Head.

Co-ordinates as follows  N 51˚ 01.621 W 0˚ 35.624 or SU 987 262.

Nearby Ebernoe Common is a superb example of a Low Weald woodland with a history of traditional use. For centuries it was wood pasture, where commoners would turn out their cattle or pigs to graze and browse on young trees and scrub, beech mast and acorns, or on the grassy meadows in clearings. The Sussex Wildlife Trust purchased 75 hectares of the reserve in 1980 when much of the woodland was under threat of destruction. At that time many of the glades and rides had become overgrown with rank grasses and bracken, but repeated mowing and raking by volunteers has seen the return of a rich and varied flora: devil’s-bit scabious, adder’s-tongue fern and many orchids. Thanks to www.sussexwildlifetrust.org.uk for this information and the splendid work they do.

Day Walk June 22nd 2016 Hooksway

 Paul's walk to The Royal Oak at Hooksway, start point to be advised. 

John Russell, the oldest son of Bertrand Russell (who lived at nearby Telegraph House), as a boy walked down to the pub (the Royal Oak) to escape from the pressure of the high expectations that his philosopher father had for him. When ‘called-up’ for military service he was a ‘Bevan boy’, becoming a coal miner. This undermined his already delicate health, and he convalesced for quite some time with Alf and Carrie, who treated him like the son they never had. (thanks to www.chichestersociety.org.uk}

Morning Walk 15th June 2016 Burton Park

Kate and Nigel are planning a walk starting from The Cricketers at Duncton. Going past the mill ponds - lots of water and great views. 

Day Walk June 8th 2016 Pulborough to Cootham

 Marian, June, Maddie and Linda's walk from Pulborough to Cootham, passing through Pulborough Brooks RSPB Reserve. By very kind permission you can park in The White Horse car park, RH20 2DY, in Pulborough. We're not eating there so please park as inconspicuously as possible please! The walk is 8 miles, but it's slow, flat and easy going.

Goodwood Short walk 1st June 2016

Paul's short walk from the Trundle, Goodwood, towards Lavant. Lunch at the Royal Oak,  Midhurst