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London Day Walk 2nd August 2017


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Highgate Cemetery - Waterlow Park - Hampstead Heath - Hampstead Village

This walk is full of surprises, with parks where the noisiest sound is birdsong in the great islands of green. Also on our route we see some very fine old houses, all in the middle of London.

Morning walk

The walk starts at the Archway Tube station and after passing Highgate cemetery (admission £4 if you want to go in) we stop for coffee in Nell Gwyn's old house in Waterlow Park. Next to Highgate Hill and some of London's oldest and finest houses, home to Samuel Coleridge, Francis Bacon and George Michael. We then go down the road to Hampstead Heath and along paths noisy with birdsong to get to Kenwood House for lunch. (Click on "read more" below!)

Afternoon walk

After lunch the walk is through the west of the Park to reach Parliament Hill for one of the best panoramic views of London, followed by a stroll to Hampstead Village to see some notable houses, subject to time being available. Then a tube ride back to Waterloo, or maybe a bus ride to Trafalgar Square and a walk across the Thames to reach Waterloo.

Mileages and a shortcut!

The walk to Kenwood House for lunch is about 3 miles. Kenwood House is now a free museum and well worth looking at the Rembrandt inside. Next to it but on the opposite side of the doorway is a painting once believed to be a Rembrandt but later unfrocked by that great expert Anthony Blunt. (From Kenwood House there is a bus to Golders Green to connect with the tube home if you wish.) Full walk including Hampstead is about 6.1/2 miles. --------------There is so much to see that we will probably not be back to Haslemere before 6.00pm. Train Fare £18 return from Haslemere (group booking or Railcard, terms apply). Tube fares about £6 using a contactless credit card.  We will be catching the train that leaves Haslemere at 9.15.

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