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Tying your laces

This week Marian suddenly hit the ground whilst walking down June Lane. The reason was almost certainly the loop on one boot caught in the lacing hook on the other foot. Marian is quite bruised, has two black eyes and sore ribs.  Some may remember the very similar accident that befell Joyce some 9 (?) years ago. Looking on the web you'll find this accident isn't that common but the consequences can be disastrous, broken limbs and broken hips have happened.  The silly thing is people can walk for years without this happening but if it does there is absolutely no warning,  Fortunately there are ways to avoid the problem.   Solution 1 -  use the extra length of lace to double back down the hooks so that the hooks are full up.  Solution 2 -  have boots with all eyes and no hooks.  Solution 3 -  take the loops and tuck them into the crossover laces further down the boot. Happy and safe walking! 


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