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Sound advice

Quiz Photos final report

After 3.1/2 months we are at last able to do some walking in small groups.

Hopefully the quiz photos and jokes may have kept you amused for a while but we will now be posting brief reports of the Bubble Walks we are now doing on Wednesdays.

Many many thanks to Marian, Peter, Pauline, Janet and others for their marvellous contributions.

  Answers to Quiz photos No. 34

This rare tree is the Paper Handkerchief tree, also known as the Dove tree.

This was thought to be a Tree Creeper, but is almost certainly a Nuthatch.

Both these sights were seen in the Batsford Arboretum during our holiday trip to Bourton-on-the-Water in 2018.


Quiz Photos No 34

We saw this extraordinary tree on our Bourton Holiday in 2018 - that tree name is an easy name to guess


We saw this little chap in the same garden as the tree above. Nuthatch or Tree-Creeper?


Answers to Quiz Photos No. 33 

South :Pond Midhurst.

This strange condition is known as Angel Wings

Thought to be caused by being fed bread as the wings develop.

Birds cannot fly and have a shortened life. It happens to several

different breeds of birds.

Quiz Photos No. 33

Looks familiar?


Canada Goose, but what's wrong with his wing?


     Answers to Quiz Photos No. 32

Those lovely legs belonged to  Alan Hall.


Over the sea to The Isle of Wight - day trip July 2016

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