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Be careful out there

Oh deer oh dear!

Jane and Tim thought of extending a circular walk to the Durleighmarsh Farm shop. After coming across the route of the old Midhurst to Petersfield railway at West Heath we ended up walking through a deer park near Rival Lodge, which was a bit of a surprise. About 7 miles.

At 11am the sun is trying its best

On the way to Durleighmarsh.

Some trees need a bit of water.

What's that peeping over the bank

Oh, it's you

Two heads are better than one

About 7 miles

Barbara and Janet Adventure.

Barbara and Janet’s walk ambled around Fyning and Terwick, part road and part woodland, looking for signs of spring, a very cold dry day but lovely to go out for exercise and a chat.

A very cautious stone dog

We found Catkins:---------Primrose:---------and a Snowdrop, all signs of a early Spring.

Coffee Break

Cheers, Happy New Year.

Marian's strolling

Guess where Marian's been walking - thanks for the photos!

That river is looking very high.

A couple of smiles

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