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Careful in this car park

Quiz photo No. 30

If you can remember 3 years ago, you may remember the location of this nice pub.


We went into Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese for lunch on our London walk last year.

The far seat was used by Dr. Samuel Johnston, but whose old seat was to his left hand side?


    Answers to Quiz Photos No. 29

Yes, it's a Blue Damselfly, of course!

And this luxury floating home is in Cocking.

Being in lockdown is NOT good for your diet.

Hope they don't light the fire!

Quiz Photo No. 29.

We saw this little chap on a walk 2 years and 2 days ago - anyone know his name?


Very nice place to live if you wish to avoid Covid-19. Any idea where it is?


       Answers to Quiz Photos No. 28.

Guildford Castle - always worth a visit to avoid the shops!

Peter, outside the Hamilton Arms, Stedham.