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Quiz Photo No. 2

As the last photo was tricky to solve, here's an easier one. One of our members is ready to go shopping - who would be so well equipped?                                                         The answer to the last one was the bridge over the railway at the end of Tankerdale Lane, which runs through Petersfield golf course. Map below should help to place it - it's less than 2 miles from Petersfield town centre.  Strangely only one member (Denis) realised where it was - and when he was last there, there wasn't even a bridge, just a level pedestrian crossing over the London/Portsmouth railway line. Apparently a good place to put a penny on the rails to see if the train would flatten it.  Best approached from Stodham Wood.

Quiz Photo No. 1

As you've all probably got time on your hands right now here's a photo of an enormous bridge, hidden in the woods, for you all to puzzle out where it might be. Couple of clues - it's not at all far away from Petersfield and will be on a Short Walk just as soon as we can get back on our feet! 

COVID - 19

In line with many organisations, Midhurst Footpath Companions can no longer responsibly organise our weekly walks.We're sure members would benefit from some fresh air every week, so perhaps you may wish to do a practice walk so we have a good number of destinations ready for when this dreadful virus is under control.Stay well and we look forward to the day when we can all meet up again!

Water talk

You may be interested in this message from the Midhurst Society :- Your members may be interested in our Talks programme for 2020,starting this Thursday January 23, with a presentation by Southern Water on how they manage water quality and how we can all play a part in reducing the impact of water usage on the environment. Details on our website midhurstsociety.org.uk Visitors welcome 2 for £5 Michael Balmforth Chairman

Skittles match Friday 21st February 2020 Barley Mow

                                                                                   We are again holding a Skittles evening in the fabulous Barley Mow in Walderton PO18 9ED. Bowling starts around 6.30 and a buffet will be served around 7.30/ 8.00 pm. Chips are well worth the trip and the cost will be £10 a head.   This is also the opportunity to dispose of that rather nice but unwanted Christmas gift as we will be holding a raffle and your contributions will be much appreciated. Please make a note in your diary and we will  need confirmation of attendees by Friday 14th February, if you can spare the time from your Valentines night celebrations please!

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