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Quiz Photos No.16



No it's not a rainbow, but where is it?  Walk leader Jeff is a clue, but he's not under the paraglider on this occasion.



This is not too far away and not as old as it would seem.


                                               Answers to Quiz No. 15

  That was an easy one - it is of course the wonderful Maddie.


 This splendid plant is (NOT, SEE BELOW!!) the Arum Lily/Cuckoopint/Lords and Ladies/Parson in the Pulpit.  All parts are poisonous and sadly the early leaves are similar to sorrel and wild garlic. If chewed the stinging sensation may last at least 6 hours. Luckily it is so painful on the lips it is rarely swallowed but can result in swelling in the throat and can cause breathing difficulties.  Just in case you are wondering how to pronounce cuckoopint this might help :- Cuckoopint pronunciation   The reason for this particular pronunciation is that pint is derived from the anglo saxon word pintle. Google that if you dare.

CORRECTION  Hate to say it, but it's probably an American Skunk cabbage- apparently they were an imported plant from 1901.

American skunk cabbage was first recorded in the wild in 1947 in Surrey and was originally introduced to the UK from Western North America as an ornamental plant in 1901. Since then it has spread across Britain, particularly in southern and western areas. Once established the plant can spread quickly. Infestations can dominate large areas and crowd out native species in important habitats such as wet woodlands. Its name is fitting as this plant has a characteristic pungent scent. In 2016, American skunk cabbage was banned from sale in the UK. Now gardeners are being urged to make sure that they Be Plant Wise, dispose of plants correctly and ensure they do not discard this species in the natural environment. - Thanks gov.uk.       Skunk cabbage are also somewhat poisonous, but beloved by bears coming out of hibernation - it apparently gets their plumbing moving, which has been static all winter.....

This is an Arum Lily:-

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