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Website changes

You may have noticed a change of layout, but our webmaster Phil from Arundel thought our dropdown list of old walks was becoming unwieldy. I must admit it was disappearing below the bottom of the page and getting longer every week, so you'll now see a summary to the right of the page listing all the previous months with associated walk names.           Under the Gallery heading the latest walk will appear with only one photo, but click on it (or the title in blue) and all the other photos shoud appear.                Lastly there is now a SEARCH box in the top right hand corner. Type in any walk name, pub name or most other things and they will all appear, like magic! We have tested the changes but if you have any problems, please let me know.  One thing that might help if you get too many results is to type your search word between inverted commas.  Tim.

Selworthy Holiday photos, at last

With apologies for the delay, the Selworthy holiday reports are now on line. Many thanks for additional photos from Marian, Jeff and Jane.

The AGM will be on the 6th October 2017 at The Royal Oak, Midhurst

There will be a special menu for us, details nearer the date of the meeting

Early warning London Walk on 2nd August 2017

This is the new date for the London walk, hopefully it will be a little cooler on that day.

Early warning London Walk on 21st June 2017

A day in London - see Walks menu for details.