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Marian and Linda's mystery walk .

Linda and Marian went walking on 3rd March. It was somewhere near Midhurst, apparently.....

A nice walk, with a great coffee in Midhurst Town Square, with Elizabeth House across the road (origins around 1490).

Barbara and Janet's March ramblings

Barbara and Janet's last two walks centred around Rondle Wood, Borden and Hammer Wood discovering different footpaths, each walk just over 5 miles, photos from both walks.

Borden Village Hall

Coffee stop on the bridge over Hammer Stream

Which way shall we go??

Child at play

View from Rondle Wood

Discovering Footpath to Hammerwood

Lovely view over Hammerwood

Keep an eye out for Indians

Interesting decoration.

Celandines basking in the sun

Purple toothwort blooming again!

 Purple Toothwort near to Penns Place in Petersfield. This parasitic plant lives on elder, poplar and willow roots. Not especially rare but not often seen growing quite so profusely as it is here in Petersfield. The What3words location is retraced.fine.chess but for those not familiar with What3words it's not to hard to find. Leaving the Rugby pitch, follow the footpath next to the River Rother upstream and keep an eye on the right hand side.  The plant has been in England since 1908 and can be cultivated, however you may need to wait 10 years before it chooses to flower. A guide to the spot is available by appointment and at a distance!

Just starting to bloom and should be there for a few weeks.

Linda and Marian's last February walk

Marian and Linda has a nice day to walk from Cowdray, down to The Wharf, South Pond before heading towards Bepton. Then back to the Square for a coffee before going back via St Ann's Hill.

Elizabeth I of England came to Easebourne Priory on 17 August 1591, stayed until  20th August 1591.

Linda keeping out of the sun

Greenery seems to have been cleared at South Pond.

Crocus time

Camelia peeping over the wall at St. Ann's Hill

More wanderings near Fyning

Barbara and Janet’s short walk last week centered around Fyning, nearly 4 miles, on a bright dry day, no mud for a change,

Janet enjoying the dry road.

Who on earth did Barbara and Janet bump into?

Snowdrop special

Spring has sprung

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