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Friday 19th March Marian & Jennifer anti-clockwise

Marian and Jennifer repeated the Wednesday walk, but the other way round.

Hi Jennifer!

Taking the easy way

River Rother .

There's that tree that shrinks people!

Wednesday 17th March Marian & Linda clockwise

A circular walk to the east of Easeborne.

A popular start point

Is that a pixie hiding in the tree?

Road to Moor Farm, Cowdray Park

Another gate knotted

Heading for the Kennels.

and back for a coffee!

Benbow Pond 8th March

Marian and Linda had a pleasant walk across the golf course to Benbow Pond. Luckily for walkers, golf is still closed.

Looks like the polo grounds again.

Golf course?

Old chestnuts

Benbow. Memorial Temple erected in 2000, in memory of the late Viscount Cowdray III

You lot have a wash, I'll keep a look-out.

Ah, that's better.

Pauline's potterings

Pauline has been out walking and meeting people!

Could be Marian and Linda?

A Poet and a Railway walk

Den and Tim went on a short ramble exploring a bit of Petersfield history.  Firstly to find evidence of the Midhurst to Petersfield railway, which ran up until 1955. There is some film available of the railway if you click Old Railway. In the film there is a shot of a train passing over the Ramshill bridge, now demolished. The second search was for signs of the First World War poet, Edward Thomas, a native of Steep.

At the bottom of Ramshill (just below Churchers College) there used to be a railway bridge. No longer there, but on either side of the junction/pedestrian crossings there are large earthworks that used to lead the railway to the bridge.


Hidden in nearby vegetation is this railway gradient sign

Less than a quarter of a mile away is a surviving bridge at the end of a housing development.

Two hundreds yards further away  is the still busy London to Portsmouth line.

On to Steep Churchyard to find a plaque in memory of Edward Thomas.

Steep Churchyard, tree looking to be in need of some serious pruning. 

Despite being exempt because of his age, Edward Thomas signed up but sadly died soon after arriving in France.

After much searching we failed to find his last house, No 2 Yew Tree Cottages.

Back to railway searching. Looking north from the bridge at Petersfield. The site of the Midhurst line station used to be immediately opposite the signal box, just beyond the white car. In the distance is a bridge and it is at this point the Midhurst line turned right.

Under Tilmore Road are two bridges - on the left the main line in current use, to the right the disused bridge that used to carry the Midhurst line.

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