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Lodsworth Day Walk 26th October 2016

Denis's day walk changed from Chalton to Lodsworth, exploring the woodland around the village, with lunch at the Hollist Arms. Maddie wanted to see the Elizabeth Oak in Cowdray Park and it is still looking as healthy as ever. Following information from www.monumentaltrees.com.:-

Without any doubt, the most famous tree in Cowdray Park is the Queen Elizabeth Oak. Purportedly, Queen Elizabeth I would have visited this tree in 1591, which was at that time already an impressive tree. Its girth makes this Sessile Oak (Quercus petraea) the second thickest tree of its kind in Europe. According to Jeroen Pater this tree is probably about 600 to 700 years, while according to dendrologists of the British Tree Register, this tree might be almost a 1,000 years old.The girth of the tree, measured at a height of 1.50 m, is 12.60 m

Lodsworth Morning walk 19th October 2016

David's walk was an interesting walk based on Lodsworth with an excellent lunch in the Hollist Arms. It was nice to have two guest walkers, Celia and Miguel. and we hope they enjoyed our walk! Photos thanks to Barbara and John. Thanks also to Sheila's in Ardara for the WiFi!

Chithurst Day Walk 12 October 2016

Maddie, June, Marian and Linda's walk started from Chithurst and took us to a great lunch in The White Horse, Rogate.  There was a little rain, but nothing too serious. Very pleasant walk through woodland and fields full of well-behaved bullocks (thank goodness!).The walk was about 7 miles, for those who completed the whole day's walk!  Additional photos thanks to Marian and Jeff.

Milland Morning Walk 5th October 2016

Mary, John, Barbara and Peter conspired to give us a walk that would get us back to The Rising Sun in good time,  as it was rumoured there may be a birthday party. We were encouraged not to dawdle too much as the pub wanted us to order early and we were a large group of 21.  It was a beautiful day with a clear blue sky. Our walk was around just under 4 miles and about 300 feet of climbing, so we were all still in good health and early to the pub. The arrangements were excellent with 2 courses served in good time and highly edible. Mary had the tricky task of firstly blowing out the candles and then the even trickier job of cutting the cake into 21 pieces. Unsurprisingly, Mary performed both tasks with great skill, as expected  from a girl of a certain age. We are all looking forward the the next significant event in 10 years time! Thank you Mary for an excellent day. Thanks to Marian, Jeff and Denis for photos.

Hillbrow day walk 28th September 2016

This was a walk led by Denis, starting in Rogate and reaching The Drovers Arms in Hillbrow for an excellent lunch. No rain and generally good conditions - luckily the high crops at the start of our walk were dry. Keen-eyed walkers spotted one of the antique dealers from the TV programme Dickinsons Real Deal taking her dog for a walk - or was it the other way round? On the return journey we saw a plantation of eucalyptus trees, buzzards, a field full of pumpkins and a surprisingly healthy looking crop of sugar beet. Photos with thanks to Denis, Jeff and Marian. The walk was 5 miles in total with 618ft of height gained.