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Parham Day Walk 17 August 2016

Jeff's walk was about 7.1/2 miles and it was a hot day!  A beautiful area with lunch at the Sportmans Inn followed by a trip that seemed mostly upwards, but it could have just been the heat! Thanks for the super photos from Marian and Isabel

Selborne and Noar Hill 10th August

Mary, John and Barbara's walk which, after worrying about several absentees, was unexpectedly very popular. There were 17 walkers setting off for the 4 mile tramp to Noar Hill and back via the zig-zag path. Noah Hill was full of wild flowers, however, too late for any orchids - we need to plan an earlier walk next year if we want to catch them!  Excellent lunch at Selborne Arms. Just over 4 miles, with 559 feet height gain. Thanks to Marian for many photos!

Selborne - East Worldham 3rd August 2016

 The walk was from Selborne to East Worldham for lunch and return via a different route in the afternoon. It turned out a bit longer than anticipated but luckily no-one noticed too much as the weather was very kind. It was getting fairly humid by midday, so a  cool drink went down very well. The afternoon was still warm but with a very welcome cooling breeze. We ended up passing through the Selborne churchyard, before the final stroll along the street to the car park. A surprising 8.5 miles with 908ft gain. On the way past Oaklands farm we saw a huge encampment being erected. It is in preparation for the Jalsa Salana, held annually on this farmland. 

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, under the leadership of its holy founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, held its first convention on December 27, 1891 in Qadian, India. Approximately 75 people attended the event. For over a century since then, the community has held its Annual Convention, or Jalsa Salana, in numerous countries around the world. Tens of thousands of community members gather at these conventions at various times throughout the year. The principle aims of the Annual Convention are to facilitate greater spiritual awareness among community members, strengthen community ties and promote peace. 

This year more than 35,000 delegates from over 90 countries are expected to attend the 50th UK Jalsa, to increase religious knowledge and promote a sense of peace and tranquility. The event is broadcast live globally via satellite TV with simultaneous translation in up to 13 languages. Build well under way for the convention which last 3 days, starting on 12th August 2016.