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Bramshott Day Walk 27th February 2019

The weather could not have been better for our stroll through the commons and woodland around Ludshott Common. It may have been February but the sun shone all day long and it was aound 16° C for much of our walk. Starting from Bramshott Commom we headed for the stream to the west of Waggoners Wells. From there we found our way to Ludshott Common, one of the largest remaining areas of heathland in East Hampshire, skirting the houses of Headley Down on the way. We also managed to catch a glimpse of Butser Hill through a slight haze. Lunch was taken in Applegarth Farm Cafe which made a change from a pub!  After lunch we made our way to the eastern end of the series of ponds known as Waggoners Wells. They may have been originally formed to be hammer ponds, but iron making had moved north by the time they were completed. It was a very still day so the reflections in the ponds were very good. After a few inclines we eventually reached the Bramshott car park. Thanks to Marian, Denis and Jane for additional photos. The walk was a little under 6.1/2 miles

Tilford Morning Walk 20th February 2019

Reaching Tilford green we were surprised to see many other walking groups had chosen the green as their start point. Fortunately we did not seem to cross their paths except at the Frensham Pond cafeteria but plenty of seats were availbale. We had walked there from the green, partly following the River Wey (South Branch) and meeting some livestock along the way. We enjoyed a leisurely coffee stop to avoid clashing with of a group of 20 who were booked in the pub at the same time as our original booking. After our stop we headed for the RSPB reserves of Tankersford Common and Farnham Heath Nature reserve where there was plenty of evidence of clearance work being undertaken to create more biodiversity. Next we walked along Sheephatch Lane to cross the River Wey (Northern Branch) and then follow it back to the Barley Mow for a good lunch. The walk was about 5 miles.

Skittles at The Barley Mow 15th February 2019

Another very enjoyable night with walkers and friends at the Barley Mow in Walderton. After an hour of skittling we stopped for a splendid buffet which left no-one hungry, especially after second helpings! Then a few more skittles to see which team had won and to discover the bowler of the night. Trying to deny any skill was involved, Isabel was declared the champion with some very consistent scoring throughout the evening.  Then it was raffle time. Everybody had brought along a gift that was valued, but not quite enough, or indeed a bottle of wine, so Marian's raffle was a rewarding experience for many. An excellent raffle and the club funds were enriched by £60, so thanks to everyone.

Hawkley Day Walk 13th February 2019

Denis's walk started from St Mary's Road in Liss and took us past the International Presbyterian Church of  St Peters  before taking the bridge over the A3. A few fields and inclines later we were at The Hawkley Inn. The food and service was excellent. Well refreshed we had the supposedly easier task of walking downhill back to our start point. However mud at the side of a road and a steep hill proved too much for one walker who came off worse for the challenge resulting in a sore head and muddy coat.  Everybody was more careful after that and we finished the 6.1/4 mile walk without further injury. Great walk with nice weather and lunch.

Chapel Common Short Walk 6th February 2019

Mary and Barbara led a walk over Chapel Common, starting from the car park adjacent to Rake Firs. After a hop over the old A3, we walked to Milland Church. However we chose to go into the adjacent Tuxlith Chapel dating from the 13th century. Splendid building, well worth a visit. We then went back to the main road to get onto Chapel Commom and to head for Ripsley Farm. The path goes under the main Portsmouth to Waterloo line, which was high above us on an embankment. This area was seriously damaged by the excessive rain that fell during the Christmas of 2013, closing the line for many days. We stopped for coffee at the entrance to the Liphook Equine Hospital (currently looking for a night nurse!) before tackling some marshy ground further on. Having survived the experience we found a large area of emerging snowdrops, so spring must be on the way! Then on to the railway bridge at Langley and eventually Langley Wood and our car park. Excellent lunch at the Jolly Drover  - the walk was just over  4.1/2 miles.