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Hawkley Morning Walk 27th July 2016

This was Peter's walk originally but Barbara, John, Mary and Trevor did some pre-walking and a good amount of scrub clearance!  After some interesting exploring around Ashford Hangers SSSI nature reserve, we returned to the fine eatery called the Hawkley Arms for some well earned sustenance. The 12 intrepid walkers covered just over 4 miles with a gain of around 600 feet. Thanks Denis for additional photo.


The East Hampshire Hangers landscape is an assemblage of woodland and other habitats which cling to the steep slopes of the chalk and upper greensand scarps around Selborne. This distinctive landscape stretches sinuously from Langrish to the west of Petersfield, through Hawkley and Selborne and on to Binsted, a distance of about 16 miles as the crow flies. The name 'Hanger' comes from the Old English 'hangra' meaning a wooded slope. The Hangers on the chalk have a dramatic effect on landscape, those on the greensand are less imposing but they make an important contribution to the wooded character of the area. Most of the Hangers lie within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and have important historical connections with the 18th century naturalist Gilbert White, and the poet Edward Thomas. Many of the woods have been designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest, or are Local Nature Reserves. Access to the Hangers by road is not easy, but there is a fine network of footpaths and tracks and the area is popular with walkers for its scenery and natural history. The Hangers Way is a through route linking Petersfield, Selborne and Alton. Thanks to http://www3.hants.gov.uk for this information.


Easebourne short Day walk! 20.7.2016

Marian, June and Linda's walk around Selham was thankfully shortened as the heat increased and it was decided to have a wander instead around Easebourne, an area well known to June. We all had to be quiet crossing the golf course, something some found easier than others.  Trip to Benbow Pond and checking out the Cowdray holiday houses in the area. Back up to Loves Farm, Budgenor and finally to a very good lunch in The White Horse, Easebourne, just before the heat got really serious. A great choice for a "day" walk on a hot day. Total distance 5.1/2 miles, 574 ft gain.

Chidham Morning Walk 13 July 2016

Jeff's walk around Chidham proved very popular with 16 walkers admiring the estuary and channels, busy with sailing dinghies and birdlife. As expected it was a flat walk and there was very little wet ground. The weather was excellent, little wind and an occasional need for sun cream. Lunch at the Old House at Home, which was very good - the seafood platter was almost big enough to be shared by two. Total distance 5 miles, maximum altitude 20 feet!

Marian's Photos of the London Walks 2005 to 2011

2005  Prince Charles marries Camilla, Labour wins the election, with Liberals gaining 62 seats. The 7th July bombings kill 52 people in London. England won the Ashes, Liverpool won the European Cup

2006  Federer and Amelie Mauresmo became Wimbledon Champions, Italy won the FIFA World Cup in Germany and Saddam Hussein was hung in Baghdad. And George Bush greeted Tony Blair with the phrase " Yo, Blair" 

2007   Bank of England raised base rate to 5.25%, Gordon Brown replaced Tony Blair, smoking in enclosed public spaces was banned. Madelaine McCann went missing. The 2007/2008 financial crisis started developing and HP Sauce production was moved to the Netherlands.

2009  Bank of England changed the base rate, firstly to 1.5% and then down to 0.5% and the Office of Nationl Statistics declared the UK was in recession - first time since 1991. Approval was given by Parliament for the 3rd runway at Heathrow to go ahead and Barack Obama became President of USA

2011  Prince William and Catherine Middleton got married. The Queen made a state visit to the Republic of Ireland - the first State visit since 1911. Earthquake and tsunami hit northern Japan, critically damaging the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor. Following Mark Duggan's death, roiting ocurred in many English cities between 6th to 11th August. News of the World ceased publication.

Isle of Wight Day walk 6th July 2016

Another lovely trip to the Isle of Wight, organized by Mary. Southern Rail pulled out all the stops to prevent the Chichester/Southsea connection working but with dogged determination, we were all together for a fine lunch in the Seaview Hotel. It was such a warm day we were grateful they found the air conditioning switch so we could enjoy their excellent food. It was a clear day with plenty to see out at sea. Two years ago we saw some up-market beach huts selling at £145,000. They're still for sale, but now at £199,500. However staying overnight is still forbidden. A great excursion with just over 4 miles to walk and no hills at all.