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Rogate Day walk 6th November 2019

Denis led a Magnificent Seven up in the woods above Rogate and also spent some time looking at the incredible bike track routes in the woods at Tullecombe. Toadstools/mushrooms were shoooting up everywhere, but only about 4% of the varieties are worth eating, 1% can kill you and 20% may make you sick, whearas magic ones are just magical, so they say, so be careful (the sighting of a small dragon was not thought to be caused by any mushroom ingestion). Walkers reached The Jolly Drover in Hillbrow to enjoy a pleasant lunch before heading back to Rogate via Rogate Common and Slade Farm. The weather had been excellent during the morning but there was a bit of drizzle on the trip back to Rogate Recreation Ground. Many thanks to Isabel for mapping and Pauline for the photos.

Levin Down Morning Walk 30th October 2019

Peter's walk was a stroll around Levin Down, near Chalton. It is a nature reserve looked after by the Sussex Wildlife Trust.  The name Levin Down is thought to originate from the Saxon leave-alone Down and farming hasn't spolit it over the centuries. The Hardwick sheep keep the grass trimmed and Juniper thrives on this hill, as well as many varieties of wild flowers. The views were beautiful on a bright morning and the walkers were escorted by a dog for much of the walk but the dog cannot be blamed for anyone who may have slipped up. Lunch was taken in The Fox Goes Free and was excellent, but then William III often used to visit, so it must be good! The walk was about 4 miles.