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Cissbury Ring, Day Walk 27th April 2016

Jeff's walk started in the shadow of  the Cissbury Ring and then headed for the Chanctonbury Ring. A splendid walk with fantastic views of the Isle of Wight to the west and Brighton to the east.

Not the warmest day with hail as we left the Ring, but far better than the forecast. Lunch in Washington. Thanks to Marian and Jane for additional photos.


Chanctonbury Ring originally housed an Iron Age fort, later a couple of Roman temples. Planted with beech trees in 1760, many blew down in the 1987 gale. 

Legend says the hill was created at the same time as Cissbury Ring with clods of earth thrown by the Devil as he tried unsuccessfully to flood the Weald. Nowadays it's a favourite site for UFO observers, anyone looking for a good haunted spot or anyone wishing to increase their fertility by spending a night there.

Milland morning walk 20th April 2016

Mary and Barbara's walk near Milland and the Maysleith woods, with lunch in The Rising Sun. This walk was postponed from earlier muddy days and was rewarded with sunshine.


The Maysleith House was one of Hugh Gaitskell's homes from 1941. He is remembered for introducing prescription charges for glasses and dentures to help pay for the Korean war - let's hope it ends soon.... It's not all bad - he did formally open Milland Village Hall in 1948, which happened to be a converted chicken shed at that time. However, he sold Maysleith in 1957, probably to spend more time on being Leader of the Labour Party and unfortunately on some ill-advised friendships. Said by some to be the best Labour Prime Minister the country never had.

Tichborne Day walk 13th April 2016

Denis's walk from Cheriton recreation field car park to Tichborne Arms. Very pleasant walk over beautiful Hampshire countryside with clear chalk streams filled with trout. Very warm day and Tichborne Church was as special as ever. Lunch in the garden of the Tichborne Arms was delightful. Thanks to Marian and Jane for additional photos.

The Church of England church of St Andrew also contains the private Roman Catholic Chapel of the Tichborne family.


There is much to be written about the Tichborne family which must rank amongst the great families of Hampshire. They can claim a heritage that is documented as far back as the C12th. All through the Reformation, the Tichborne family clung to their Roman Catholic faith. So did many others and were persecuted for it. Any hint of Catholicism in parish churches was removed and that is why the Tichborne Family Chapel is an extraordinary thing. The chapel is a rare Roman Catholic chapel inside a pre-Reformation church. It’s survival is incredible and there are only another two in England.

To survive the Reformation, the family must have been in high favour with their monarch. Sir Benjamin Tichborne, High Sheriff of Hampshire 1579 – 1580 showed great loyalty to his monarchs and was granted a concession in 1621 by King James I, in appreciation of Sir Benjamin’s help in securing Hampshire for the king at his accession in 1603. Thanks to www.hampshire-history.com for this information.

Alresford morning walk 6th April 2016

Peter's short walk around Alresford, starting at the Railway Station.


The section of line from Alresford to Alton that can be seen today was purchased from British Rail in November 1975.  Reconstruction of the line subsequently progressed in stages. The section between Alresford and Ropley re-opened on 30 April 1977.  To provide engineering and maintenance facilities, the main locomotive shed and workshops were constructed at Ropley. The extension to Medstead & Four Marks opened on 28 May 1983 and the final section to Alton opened on 25 May 1985.

Some of the structures that can be seen on the Watercress Line today were not part of the original railway infrastructure;  they have been added to make the line serviceable again and to recreate the feel of a fully operational steam railway. The line is now maintained by a small base of paid staff (mostly in administrative duties) and a core of over 400 volunteers.  Thanks to www.Wikipedia.org for this information. Legacies and contributions to Mid Hants Railway Ltd 'Watercress Line'  The Railway Station, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9JG

Eartham and Stane Street 30th March 2016

Isabel's walk including the Slindon Estate Gumber Farm with lunch at The George at Eartham. 

All photos thanks to Marian!


Gumber Bothy is a converted traditional Sussex barn maintained by the National Trust. When the barn was converted into bunkhouse accommodation many years ago local craftsmen were used and the renovations were done so sympathetically. Many of the original features remain today including the old timber beams.

To preserve the peaceful environment of the bothy and surrounding Slindon Estate there is no vehicle access to the site. Walking, cycling and riding to the bothy is very much encouraged and thus visitors carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. Secure bicycle storage is provided, as is accommodation for horses by prior arrangement. Although at present there is no solar power or methods in place to reuse rain water (plans have been discussed for the future) the bothy impacts little on the environment. Due to the simplicity of the building, there are no power sockets just light switches; the energy used is kept to a minimum. Information thanks to www.our-land.co.uk