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Buriton Day Walk 27th September 2017

Jennifer's walk took us along the Staunton Way and past Ditcham Park School. We took advantage of some nicely placed logs near the school for coffee before heading for the pond at Buriton which had some very large carp cruising the shallows. The Five Bells in Buriton provided excellent food at very reasonable prices and walkers were reluctant to leave, possibly as we suspected more hills were on the menu. Our suspicions were well-founded as we climbed up to Head Down Plantation. However most things that go up eventually come down and they did as we headed towards the cars parked by the railway line in the shadow of Chalton Peak. About 7 miles with around 850 feet height gained.

Stedham Morning Walk 20th September 2017

Celia and Miguel took us on a splendid wander around Stedham Commom and the Severals before we crossed the road to find the River Rother. We headed upstream past Stedham Mill, once famous for its blotting paper, to re-cross the river at Stedham Bridge. Early in the 20th century John Scrimgeour arrived and became Lord of the Manor. He enlarged and improved not only the nearby Stedham Hall but much of Stedham. A bath house, village hall, sports ground, reading room and the first pumped water supply were all given by him to the village. The Hall now is divided into 8 apartments. After a wander through this pretty village we returned to The Hamilton Arms for some very nice food (especially the Thai food!). 


Cocking Long Walk 13th September 2017

This was another walk from Cocking, cleverly changed from a recent similar walk.The forecast was fairly dire with storm Aileen expected to cause havoc in the Midlands and rain forecast in our area. Our leader made sure we were either in the pub or else near Cocking Church when it was raining, otherwise we had an almost dry walk. Excellent lunch in The Unicorn and time to look at the scenery in Cocking, with striking statues and the History Column. Thanks, Marian and Jane for photos

Bepton Short Walk 6th September 2017

David's walk was a very pleasant stroll around the commons of Midhurst, starting out at The Country Inn in Bepton. We saw a lot of rhododendron clearance in action but it seemed to be fighting back in places.  Some strange looking pigs were seen in Minsted, to be followed by exotic caterpillars and fungi on Iping Common. The fungi identity was confirmed later as being a cauliflower fungus/ brain fungus and also known as the wood cauliflower, edible and tasty when young and fresh (phew). Caterpillar was probably that of a fox moth. Extract from Butterfly Conservation as follows:- The male flies rapidly on sunny afternoons just above the ground searching for females which are nocturnal.   Someone should tell those males.... Lunch after 4.7 miles in The Country Inn where we were joined by the walking wounded who are hopefully well on the way to recovery. Thanks to Jane for additional photos.