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Milland Christmas party walk 14th December 2016

It was Isabel who organized the walk and party but sadly was called away to look after a sick child. However as all the hard work had been done, we managed to have a thoroughly good walk followed by a splendid party. Marian had collected an impressive collection of raffle prizes, the big prize going to a local doctor and the second prize, a huge hamper went to one of our newer members. It was a good turnout with 19 walkers and 25 for lunch, the walk being just over 4 miles and not too hilly. Photo thanks to Marian and Allan

Graffham Day Walk 7th December 2016

We had a long climb up to the top of the Downs above Graffham, then walked along The Southdowns Way and admired some Belted Galloways before descending to The Unicorn for some well-earned food. Returning to Graffham Church along paths at the base of the hill was a lot easier. The walk was 5.7 miles with 820ft altitude gained.

The top of the hill was the home of the Bronze Age people who some believe would rarely venture down into the dangerous wooded plains below, where wolves, bears and huge wild cattle roamed. There are plenty of features on the hill labelled on the OS map as Cross Dykes. The reason why the Cross Dykes were created is uncertain - they may have been created for territory marking, cattle droveways or defensive earthworks. Also the area is rich in barrows and the depressions on some barrows are either from archeological excavation or where the Canadians placed guns during WWII. However, further damage is unlikely as the barrows and cross-dykes are now covered by the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979.

Chiddingfold Morning Walk 30.11.2016

Weatherwise a brilliant morning, cold but with a clear blue sky. The temperature barely rose above freezing, but the sun did its very best. We walked through woods and farmland and many walkers found the route very stile-ish, which wasn't meant to be a compliment! Apart from the stiles, it was very pleasant and we ended up in The Swan for a well earned lunch. The walk was about 5.1/2 miles with an altitude gain of 380 feet.

The punk rock group 'The Stranglers' started life in the village - they were then calling themselves 'The Chiddingfold Chokers'. Genesis also had a studio in the village. Queen Elizabeth I spent time in the local hostelry en route to Cowdray Park, supposedly spending 2 shillings to transport a ton of wine from Ripley. The local Midhurst Footpath Companions recently spent much more for much, much less......