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Petersfield and Sheet 24th February 2016

Thank you Peter for this walk up to Steep and back

The area of Petersfield called The Spain was originally called Le Green in the middle ages. However, in Tudor times only the wealthy home owners at the bottom of Sheep Street could probably afford roof tiles. As the old word for a house tile was spayne, it could be a corruption of that word has given the area its current name of Spain.


The chest tomb in the Churchyard was for Admiral Edward Hawker. Born in 1782, he started his Naval service at the age of 10, became a lieutenant at the age of 13 and commanded his own ship at the age of 21 and captured 2 French schooners that same year. He spent much of his sea life in the West Indies and the North American coast, eventually retiring when he was 48 years old. Had 2 wives and 10 children. A busy life...

Alice Holt 17th February 2016

The land formed part of the Bishop of Winchester’s estates. One of the bishops was called Aelfsige and the name Alice Holt is a corruption of this.

The 13th and 14th Centuries

During this time there was much poaching and illegal activity e.g. a corrupt Wardener named Alan Plugenot took money from illegal huntsmen who killed 150 deer. Henry III (1216-1272) declared that all falcons’ nests belonged to the Crown because he wanted to use them for hunting. Richard II (1377-1399) ordered timber from Alice Holt to build the roof of Westminster Hall. Potteries were started again at Bentley Station to the north of the forest and at Frith End to the south.

 Information above from the www.aliceholtforum.org.uk

Thanks to Marian for additional  photos


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Dell Quay 10th February 2016

Interesting circular walk from Dell Quay to Chichester Marina and back

Thanks Jeff and thanks also to thousands of Brent geese.

They should be returning to islands to the north of Norway or north of Siberia for  summer breeding.

The young mostly eat larvae, midges and any insects that come near them. (Thanks Nigel for that info!) Luckily artic foxes prefer lemmings but in the absence of lemmings, happily move on to Brent geese chicks.

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