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Marley Morning Walk 22nd February 2017

The weather was somewhat damp but Jean led us on a delightful walk over Marley Common. The mist/rain was always there but not enough to spoil the ramble up to Marley Common, through Cognor Wood to Linchmere Marsh and back for a good lunch in The Mill at Shottermill. Some of the eagle-eyed amongst us saw a deer grazing in the woods above our coffee stop, but even with its white rear end it was difficult to spot. Luckily a frog was much closer.

Bramshott Day Walk 15th February 2017

Rain was forecast but we escaped the rain until we were quite close to the the Fox and Pelican in Grayshott. There was still rain around as we went back via Waggoners Wells, but nothing too wet!  The walk was 7 miles in total and we still didn't need a ride on the  pony and cart we saw trotting over the common.  Waggoners Wells are a series of man made ponds built in the 17th Century, supposedly to be used as hammer ponds for iron making, although this never actually happened. Possibly they were completed just as iron making started declining in the south of England - the availability of coke and coal up north was too much competition for the wood of southern England. We also saw plenty of moss and lichen - apparently the area has at least 90 varieties.

Finchdean Morning Walk 8th February 2017

The weather stayed dry but a bit on the cold side. We walked to St Hubert's Church at Idsworth which sits in the middle of a field and admired the wall paintings, dating back to 1330. However, later in that same century the entire village was wiped out by successive episodes of the Plague and all signs of the original Anglo Saxon village have long since been ploughed over.  The hill afterwards took us up towards Compton Down and then via a strangely guided route back down to a well earned lunch in The George.  It was a bit surprising to find about 20 sailors on top of the hill. It turned out they were on a day out from submariner training at HMS Sultan in Gosport. 

Hillbrow Day Walk 1st February 2017

Very wisely, Denis chose a nearby walk as conditions were not good for the proposed descent of Windmill Hill. Starting from Rogate we followed the paths up to Tullecombe and took the  Serpent Trail along Combe Hill to get to The Jolly Drover in Hillbrow for an excellent lunch stop. We returned via Rogate Common and then the one and only muddy field to get back to Rogate. Thank you Denis and Jane for additional photos.