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Stedham Day Walk 17th January 2018

Not surprisingly the original walk at Stopham was called off as the area was flooded. Isabel instead led a walk around Midhurst, Stedham and Minsted and we welcomed a guest walker, Sheila from Chichester. Lunch was in The Hamilton Arms. The weather was sunny but cold and the walk was about 7 miles. Many thanks to Marian and Isabel for the photos.

Grayshott Morning Walk 10th January 2108

The day started slightly chilly and cloudy but after some tramping through the woods of Waggoners Wells we stopped for coffee in bright sunshine with a lot of blue sky above. The ponds were originally constructed in the 17th Century, probably to be used as hammer ponds for the production of iron. However around this time coal and coke were discovered in the north of England and were found to be better at producing iron. The whole iron industry moved from southern England to the north, so the ponds at Waggoners Wells were never used as hammer ponds. After our break we wandered over Ludshott Common, an important heathland in East Hampshire, home to woodlarks, nightjars, dartford warblers and many other endangered species. Lunch in The Fox and Pelican was enjoyed by all. The walk was 4.9 miles with 350 feet gained.

Midhurst Day Walk 3rd January 2018

Marian, Maddie, June and Linda led a dampish walk from the car park, through to Midhurst Common and on to The Greyhound for a well deserved lunch. There we met up with some members who didn't brave the conditions during the morning - we had some fairly strong winds blowing and there was a lot of standing water from the previous wet spell. Hunting for a sheltered spot for our morning coffee break took some time, but as the coffe turned out to be ginger wine and mince pies, it was well worth the search. Plenty of wind all day but thankfully no rain. Additional photos from Marian and Jane and especial thanks to Marian for the mid-morning refreshments. The walk was about 6.1/2 miles with about 330 feet gained