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Tillington Day Walk 25th October 2017

Maddie, June and Marian's very pleasant walk started from Tillington and took us through Upperton and River Common and the village of River, before heading for a very pleasant lunch in The Halfway Bridge near Lodsworth. We then headed for the banks of the River Rother, before heading north via South Lane, through the vineyard at Upperton Farm to eventually return to Tillington village.

Tillington is famous for its Scots Crown Tower on  the church, financed by Lord Egremont in 1807 and to later feature in paintings by Constable and Turner. There is a fascinating book called "Village Boys Still" written by Trevor Purnell about each of the 31 Tillington men who perished during the Great War.

It was good to welcome a guest walker Pete, a retired engineer who worked locally. The walk was about 7.1/4 miles.

Alice Holt Day Walk 11th October 2017

Jeff's walk was a little thin on the ground, but a very pleasant walk through and around Alice Holt forest. Lots of places to take children with play areas, rope walks, wooden castles and obstacle courses. The walkers did not stay long as they were keen to get to the delicious food at the Bluebell in Dockenfield.

Northchapel Morning Walk 4th October 2017

Kate and Nigel's walk was a wander around the fields and woods to the north of Northchapel and whilst the going was mostly good, some shoe-removing clay was there for the unwary. We had coffee on a bridge and watched a sole fisherman unmoved by anything for several minutes until someone said it was a dummy. Deer Lodge had a deer in sight but too quick for the camera. We were pleased to meet up with guest walkers Mike and Gill who joined us for the walk and we ended up by dropping into The Half Moon for a very good lunch.