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Midhurst short Day Walk 16th January 2019

Linda, June and Maddie  led a walk around Midhurst with numbers depleted with holidays and another member suffering from the effects of a nasty fall. In fairly damp conditions the walk went up to Easebourne cross roads before taking to the footpaths to reach Hollist Common and then to drop down to the New Lipchis Way, following the River Rother to Woolbeding Bridge. This historically important and relatively unspoilt medieval bridge had an original road surface of sand and gravel, this being replaced with cobbles around 1625. Refreshments awaited in Gartons Coffee House in Midhurst Town square and at this point it was decided to call it a day as the weather showed no sign of improving. Many thanks to Isabel and Pauline for the excellent photos.

East Meon Morning Walk 9th January 2019

Peter and Trevor had chosen a beautifully sunny but cold day to test our skills on the East Meon hills. After walking through the village we headed for the lower slopes of Henwood Down, spotting 3 red kites on the way. Taking Halnaker Lane we headed towards Drayton and a coffee stop. The horses in the field were particularly lively as they were also due to have a snack. They were normally used for weddings and funerals processions - they don't mind either as long as they get fed! We then headed for East Meon and the 12th Century All Saints Church, just round the corner from the 14th Century Court Hall.  East Meon has around 50 listed buildings and a large number of hall houses (hall houses were originally one room, central fire and smoke going out through a hole in the roof - thanks Wikipedia) which thankfully have been modernized over the last 6 or 7 centuries. Finally we reached the Old George Inn for an excellent lunch after covering about 4 miles.

Milland Welcome to 2019 Walk on 2nd January

This was really a Day walk but as several Walkers felt they shouldn't rush into the New Year too much we decided on a walk where the afternoon session was only as far as the car park. Seventeen walkers took part in the ramble, starting from Milland and then heading for New Barn Farm with the amazing trees growing in Griffin Nurseries. We then hurried on to find a good spot to enjoy some Christmas cheer and a sample of panettone near Combe Pond. Refreshed, we climbed up towards Maysleith Woods and Hanger before passing Maysleith House, one of the homes of Hugh Gaitskell from 1941 until 1957. We soon joined the Silchester to Chichester Roman road - otherwise known as Milland Lane which led us to the Rising Sun for an excellent lunch. Service was interesting, particularly for some. The walk was supposedly 4.1/2 miles but was actually nearer 5 miles.