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Bubble walks on 7th April 2021

This week Celia and Miquel led their bubble walk, starting from Iping Common car park, towards Stedham Common, the Severals,  across the A272 to Woolbeding Bridge, then around Stedham. It was just less than five miles and back to the cars, where we decided it was much to cold to stop for a picnic lunch.

No, let's go that way!

The Severals

Bluebells are starting to bloom - or are they the Spanish variety??

A stop on the way to Stedham Mill

Stedham mill sluice gate

Stedham Mill

Stedham Hall - has anyone heard the rumour the Hitler hoped to live there, but never quite made it?




Linda and Tim's walk started from Rogate Village Hall and headed South towards Habin.

After crossing the Rother twice the walk reached the church of St Peter, at Terwick.

Undergoing building work,hardly anything was visible of the church but it provided shelter from the cold wind  for our coffee stop.

Then north through the Lupin field to Terwick Common and Fyning Hill

before dropping back down through Fyning Common and back to the car park. About 5 miles.

Car Park start

Walkers plough on.

Habin Bridge, built by monks from Durford Abbey in the 16th or 17th Century.

Church of St Peter at Terwick,  probably 12th Century.

The first signs of the lupins in the outstanding lupin field next to the church.

You can't be too careful

The beautiful South Downs, from Fyning Common.

Bubble walks once again! 31st March 2021

After 3 months of lockdown we were allowed at last to meet up again. It must have been worthwhile to have the lockdown - Covid deaths on the day of our last bubble walk  was 744, rising to 1,725 on 21st January but as walks re-started this figure had thankfully dropped to 43 on 31st March.

Pauline's walk started from the Grange car park where they met up with a few strays from the Easebourne walking group. After distant greetings, the group set off past South Pond and headed for Heyshott Common, returning via Dunford Hollow, a walk of around 4.1/2 miles

Ready to go our separate ways.

South Pond

It's going to be a sunny day.

Seen growing in the Wharf. (Cuckoopint OR American Skunk cabbage - anyone?)

Heyshott Common

Time for a break

Socially distanced stop.

Latest in house security maybe?




The Easebourne walk led by Linda and Tim headed north via Budgenor towards Whitters Copse.  The walk had been almost all uphill so we had a very pleasant drink stop before heading east towards Vining Common, with Midhurst just visible in the valley. Turning south we ended up in Easebourne Street which was actually quite busy, but lots of spring blossom to enjoy.  After the 4.1/2 miles we felt we deserved a drink from the Cowdray Cafe, sitting of course in the outside park area!

Heading up towards Whitters Copse

Well earnt chocolates - thanks Maddie!

Aha - flat walking at last, heading for Vining Common

No, my hairdresser didn't go home early, it's my blanket cut to stop me glowing too much in the hotter weather.

Pheasant, happy the shooting season has now ended.

Early hawthorn.

Blooming magnolia in Easebourne Churchyard.




Peter’s bubble back together again, starting from Woolbeding carpark and following the footpath to Woolbeding Wood and then following the New Lipchis Way along the River Rother on to Stedham. An enjoyable spring walk.

Starting out.

I can see you!

A mini Shard

We were here.

Lumpy willow

Coffee break at Stedham Mill

Lovely reflection of Stedham Hall

Horses queuing to meet Mary!

Mary, the horse whisperer.