Midhurst Footpath Companions
Walking in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Bosham Morning Walk 3rd April 2019

Meeting up in the Bosham car park we welcomed 2 guest walkers Lorraine and Julie. Jeff led us along the beautiful Bosham Harbour where Bevis the Sussex Giant used to wash his dogs after walking back from the Isle of Wight (for more information see Giant Bevis).  The weather was sunny but not exactly warm, with just a few clouds around. Heading through the fields towards the Fishbourne Channel we saw the channel but had no time to admire it as a hailstorm reached us. It was a really heavy storm with the hail sufficient to turn the path white. We sheltered under leafless trees which helped only a little before the storm eased enough for us to continue our wallk. Surprisingly the distant Chichester Cathedral seemed to have sunshine. Reaching Fishbourne we headed back towards Bosham. The drama was not over as Isabel had the misfortune to fall over. The First Aid kit was needed but as we had 1 doctor, 2 nurses and a couple of health visitors to help out, we decided the cut hand didn't need an air ambulance.  Bosham was eventuallly reached without further incident and The Anchor Bleu made a welcome lunch venue after our walk of 5.3 miles. Many thanks to Jane and Lorraine for extra photos.