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Bubble Walk 11th August 2021

With a few people on holiday we decided to have a single walk from Elsted Recreation Ground, finding new paths and generally heading towards Didling Church.  The route took us through a number of rarely walked paths, including one that took us to Brimbrook Lane. It looked like an very old, wide track, with oak trees either side  but Google searches have yielded nothing. Old maps show a house in 1892, but this has long disappeared. By the time we were in sight of Didling Church, we voted for a coffee stop rather than seeing the church. Perhaps another day! After passing through Treyford we found ourselves passing through the Three Horseshoes pub garden, where some walkers bravely sacrificed their picnic to support the local economy. The walk was about 4.1/2 miles, lots of sheep and wonderful views.

What a view to start the walk!

but there's a muddy bit coming up!

Don't know where they're going, but I think we'll just play in the grass.

It's easy peasy Fred...just give it go! Humans manage ok....

Some footpaths were less trod than others.

Handy blue camera post

One of many sheep fields

Sheep like to use the footpath it seems..

Boy's Brigade

Approaching Didling

A bit of uphill work

Another tall story.

Somebody must know the name of this butterfly please?  And it's not Eric............

Heading home and still the grass is long!