Midhurst Footpath Companions
Walking in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Bubble walks 15th July 2020

Hooray, walking is back on the menu!

Pauline and group walked three and half miles, from Petworth town centre, to Shimmings Valley, Brinksole Heath, Byworth and back to Petworth. Some stunning views of Petworth. Stopping at the Virgin Mary Spring to benefit from the revered water that never ceases to flow.

Setting out

Nice welcome for once!

Proper distancing for coffee

Virgin Mary spring at Byworth

Petworth House in the distance.

Back to Petworth town.


June and group walked about 5 miles from Cowdray Cafe car park, over the golf course and through Cowdray Park. After a loop we passed Loves Farm before reaching Easebourne Lane. A quick diversion and we were dropping into the productive allotments in Easebourne before reaching the Cowdray Cafe car park once again.

June with chicory plant


Viewing the South Downs for our drinks stop.

 Cinnabar Moth caterpillar


Convolulus also known as Bindweed.

 Also known as "Grandma, Grandma jump out of bed"

Very nice allotment.

 Back to Easebourne car park



Peter's walk started from Stedham and then went through the playing field to Stedham Mill. After a wander along the River Rother, the walkers returned to the village and eventually to some refreshment in a nearby garden.

Playing Field

Stedham Mill

Crossing the river

At arms length?

Stedham Bridge

Circa 1600

A wee drop.