Midhurst Footpath Companions
Walking in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Bubble Walks 2nd September 2020

Den's walk left the Grange car park and headed through Midhurst Common before heading for Stedham. Full of pretty houses and cottages, a 2 bed terraced cottage in Lavendar Row will cost £375k - it makes St Cuthmans School (with 19 acres) look cheap at £3.2 million! After a drink stop in Stedham Village green  we then went South through the Severals and past the old pits used by Midhurst Whites. We eventually reached Midhurst Town Square where we met up with a walker who is currently resting.

A familiar view  on Midhurst Common

Honourable Walk Leader.

Stepping up to Kerry packer redundant polo fields


Careful spacing around Stedham signpost.

Interesting character returning to Stedham after a shopping trip.With a full battery a return trip to Petersfield is not difficult.

Railway Cottages supporting the NHS

Midhurst Town square

About 5.1/2 miles



Janet led the walk from Dumpford through fields of maize towards Fair Oaks and towards Habin bridge

before eventually turning back to Dumpford - about 5 miles.

Setting out

Healthy crop

Careful, no jumping!

Nice spacing


Drink stop.



Isabel's walk started from a point between Lodsworth and Lickfold and we walked across fields, through woodlands and passed by two big ponds, where there were mills in the past. The first was called rather obviously called Mill Pond, and the second was nameless and by River Park Farm. Both were very quiet and peaceful spots, giving us good spots for a break.We sampled wonderful blackberries and saw large field mushrooms, although no one picked them, but the highlight was definitely the sighting of a hare!

Setting off


Checking the route

Miguel checking the mechanism

Second lake

Interesting collection

Nearing the walk end.

It was about four and a half miles long and very easy walking