Midhurst Footpath Companions
Walking in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Bubble walks on 28th April 2021

Celia led a beautiful scenic walk of just about four miles, covering parts of the West Sussex Literary Trail and the Monarchs Way walk. On reaching the Goodwood Seven Points we stopped to take in the great view, the flowers and fauna, some memorials and of course have a coffee break. Lots of new born lambs along this popular route, arriving back at Binderton just as the first rain for quite some time started.

Mustering at the start

Mummy's trying to remember the name of those flowers.

But us lambs call them common water crowfoot, lodewort, ram's foot, ram's wort, water anemone or water snowcups.

Climbing up the West Sussex Literary trail.

Plenty of choice

That's the Chichester Cathedral over there!

Resting before the descent.




Tim and Jane's walk started from the Durleighmarsh Farm Shop car park and then took a walk along the side of the A272 before finding  a little used footpath going south. Across a river, through a field until we eventually found the remnants of a bridge once used to carry trains from Petersfield to Midhurst. After following the track for a while we found the side road that passed the Skye Park Farm, soon to be opened up as a visitor attraction and a source of venison.. Deer were plentiful in several fields, until we turned across a field of tiny broad beans plants. After crossing the river we went past the site of the Durford Abbey before crossing the A272 to look at the bluebells. Back in the car park we all enjoyed some refreshment in the cafe. On the walk were 3 brand new members, Geoff and Kathryn from Camelsdale and Catherine from Liss. We also welcomed 2 guest walkers, Andy, Catherine's other half and Bernard, a Midhurst resident.

What are you all doing in  MY field?

Remains of the bridge used by Petersfield to Midhurst trains from 1860  until 1955.

Subject to government guidelines...

Plenty of deer around.

Social distancing strictly observed, helped by broad beans.

A stop for drinks on the banks of the Rother.

Site of Durford Abbey, a chequered history from 1161 until 1536 when it was dissolved by the King Henry VIII

Ah, that's better!