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Harting Day Walk 15th March 2017

Linda, Maddie and June led us up the hills to the Harting Downs on one of the nicest days of this year. As it was a figure of eight walk several additional  walkers took advantage of the "short" walk in the morning. June got snappping again at cofffee time with some very good results. The highlight for many on the walk was the sight of a new born calf being cleaned up by its mother. It tried desperately to stand for the first time, watched by another young calf and several walkers - however, the walkers had a lunch to go to, so we moved on. The other calf was unlikely to be a twin as apparently twins are quite rare among cattle. Curiously if a heifer is born with a bull brother it is likely to be sterile (a freemartin) and the bull calf will usually be a poor performer in later life. Thanks Google.