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Hindhead Punch Bowl Day Walk 26th February 2020

This walk was led by Tim and Jane and took us from a car park within sight of the Hindhead Tunnel entrance to paths deep in the Devis Punch Bowl. The forecast was cold and windy but fortunately the trees and the Bowl itself gave us some shelter from the wind so conditions were reasonable. The weather stayed good throughout the day except for the last 15 minutes when some rain fell. We had a pleasant walk with not too much mud but we did need to make one or two excursions to avoid damaged footpaths. A visit to Thursley Churchyard was necessary to prove the story of the demise of the Unknown Sailor back in 1786. The churchyard also houses a small building which was a Dame School dating back to the early 1800's. The Dame School  was for the children of Thursley who paid a penny a week and an extra penny to be taught manners.  We then visited the Three Horseshoes in Thursley village who looked after us very well. After lunch it was a short trip back via 2 tunnels under the A3, completing a walk of around 6.1/4 miles