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Bubble outing at The Sculpture Park 6th October 2021

Mary organized a wonderful day out for members at the Sculpture Park in Churt but through a late change of dates, was unable  to attend.  We all had a great time getting lost in an absolute jungle of amazing sculptures in all sorts of materials worth a huge amount of money. Even after three hours we still had not seen everything but were forced to stop for lunch. There happens to be a very pleasant Inn across the road called the Bel and Dragon, where they looked after us very well. Well worth a visit! 

and when I got there, the pump was empty!

This huge sculpture is made from horseshoes!

Yours for £1,950

Little more expensive at £60.000

Gorilla in bronze for £13,200


Bronze Jazzman £15,000

Coffee stop in the jungle

 Nice seat!

A  robin kept hoping for crumbs.