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Bubble walk 21st October 2020

Rain had been forecast for several days and the prediction proved correct. Four of us braved the rain, which luckily was only vertical so umbrellas were very useful. The walk was around the outside of the park and we were keeping a look-out for the deer in the midst of their rutting season. There were plenty around but mostly some way away in the middle of the park. A great deal of bellowing was going on and there were some magnificent set of antlers on view, looking far too heavy to be anything other than ornamental status symbols. The rain petered out towards the end of our walk and we ended up after our 4  mile stroll in a reasonably dry state. Very enjoyable.

Starting our walk in the Cowyard Tunnel.

Lower pond having a top-up.

The rain wasn't quite continuous.

Plenty of mushrooms on view - shaggy parasol mushroom - edible by most people.

Parasol mushroom - excellent food, but always check twice!

What's that over there?

Don't I look magnificent?!

Me and my girls.

Raining again.

There were some splendid chestnuts on the ground.

Wonderful Petworth Park

Tillington Church tower

Tillington church before the rebuild in 1807