Midhurst Footpath Companions
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Bubble Walk 8th September 2021

Celia and Miguel led an interesting walk which was mostly shady - very suitable for a very hot day. It meandered around the commons and rivers near Stedham. After crossing Stedham Common we found ourselves approaching Woolmer Bridge where locals will be aware the footpath is normally wet, whatever the weather. Pre-walk hedge cutting by Celia and Miguel meant we were able to avoid the hazard altogether and reach the bridge with clean feet! Woolmer Bridge was the site of some heavy roadworks, as it appears the tunnel under the A272 needs some repair. After passing through the Severals and Midhurst Common, we crossed the road and took the river walk back to Stedham Mill, having a break on the way as soon as we could find some decent shade. After another stop at Stedham Mill we carried on along the river to eventually reach Stedham Lane before taking a path to The Hamilton Arms, where some walkers enjoyed a tasty lunch.

Stedham Common starting out.

Special coaching is necessary to learn surfing without water.

Some people are just not interested in the major repairs under the A272

Heading up towards the Severals.

Woolbeding Bridge,  a 15th or 16th Century scheduled monument.

Tramping through the hay on The New Lipchis Way

This oak has seen better days

Stedham Mill Bridge rest stop

Mill Bridge with a keystone dated 1826, the same year the world's first steam passenger railway was authorised.

Just checking keystone dates - 1826 AUG(ust?)

Three wise men?

Stedham Hall gardens

Pretty cottages of Stedham village.

KHAI LUK KUEY otherwise known as Son-in-law’s Egg.

About 5 miles