Midhurst Footpath Companions
Walking in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Bubble walk 1st September 2021

Catherine organised a lovely walk of just over 5 miles.Ten  people walking from Lords Piece car park followed the Serpent Trail to Sutton. Weather was ideal and the ground was dry. Coffee break was in Barlavington Church grounds with plenty of seats and a large herd of very young calves (2&3 weeks old) kept us amused. After refreshment and a quick look in the Church, we continued to Burton Park, stopping to admire beautiful views, some really old yew trees and then guess what, a second coffee stop, Catherine had even organised logs to sit on for this stop before we made our way back to the cars with an optional lunch in the Badger pub. Five and half miles of  delightful walking.

Are we going that way?

Ah, that looks a better way.

Pretty country cottage

Filing through the gateway

Just about hanging in to that bank

Time for a break

Striding on


Nice pathway

Church stop

Nice seat

Plenty of room.

Do you like my earrings?

Honourable leader.

Pond break 1

Pond break 2

Upon reflection.

Fish pond.

Lunch at last!

Abouit 5.1/2 miles.