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Bubble Walk on 21st July 2021

With high temperatures forecast, we decided a stroll near water and in the shade of trees would be a good idea. Parking in the Applegarth Farm car park near Grayshott, we skirted round the back of the Playing Field before descending into the valley next to Hunters Moon. Turning right we followed the path down to Waggoners Wells and after passing all 3 ponds, found a pleasant spot to have a drink.  A little further on we came across a well, a favourite spot for Lord Tennyson  and also used by Flora Thompson as a wishing well - she used pins to drop into the water rather than coins.    We had descended nearly 150 feet so a climb was inevitable but fortunately it was very gradual and in good shade. So we emerged from the shade for a short hike over Ludshott Common before getting back in the shade again for the final stretch back to Applegarth Farm. Staff there looked after us very well and served up some excellent food under two parasols - a pleasant end to the morning walk.

Setting off down Hammer Lane

Heading towards Waggoners down Stoney Bottom

As we got nearer Waggoners Wells, the vegetation was getting quite tropical

Is he pushing or saving?

Snapping again!

Ducks galore 

Water flowing well

"So, I said to him"   ?????????????????

Last of the three ponds.

Waggoners Wells is notable for its mature beech trees

A shady picnic spot

A sit down at last

Wishing Well

Reading the Tennyson plaque

Written when he was a mere lad of 54.

Tramping up towards Ludshoitt Common. The common is now a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is one of the largest areas of Heathland in east Hampshire. In 1945 it had been devastated by the Canadians who used it for tank training.

Applegarth Farm served an excellent lunch.

About 4 miles