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Bubble walks 25th August 2021

Peter’s bubble walk was in the Black Down area on the West Sussex/Surrey border, (the highest point in the South Downs National Park 280 mtr.), along the Serpent Trail to the Temple of the Winds. Constant stunning views in all directions. Good easy walking along lovely heather lined paths, the weather was perfect for such a pretty walk.

Getting ready to go

Mini break for photo shoot

Admiring the distant view.

It was a bit windy here!

Coffee break at the Temple of The Winds

Stop for a chat

Heather looking it’s best this time of year, and covered in buzzing bees

Another exceptional lovely view looking?? clue in next photo

Interesting information plaque

What are these monkeys up to?

Even the photographer got snapped!

Reflections of the sky in still water

Reflections of the trees in still water

Final stunning view looking?




The other group were down below in the valley hunting for an ancient furnace site. As we approached the site the footpath was closed and we had to take a Permissive Path. After finding some furnace slag in the stream our walk leader realised he had missed a turn in the path. Hidden by Himalayan Balsam was the path that eventually led to our Coffee spot, close to the furnace site. Scores of furnaces, scattered throughout the Weald, produced cast iron, many for the manufacture of cannon. Nearby was  one of the best preserved sites at Furnace Pond. Recent flooding had caused much damage to the second sluice, fortunately not affecting the furnace site, but no access was permitted. There are open days on 11 and 12th September - see Fernhurst Furnace Open Days .  Our route took us through Lower Lodge Farm and eventually onto a footpath parallel to Vann Lane. After several stiles we eventually reached the Car Park where a picnic was enjoyed by all. The walk was around 4.1/2 miles . 

Leaving the Green, heading for the church

Vann Lane


Park House Farm 1

Park House Farm 2

Back of Park House Farm

Spindle tree fruits, edible to many animals except humans!

Stream from the furnace site where we unearthed some ancient slag.

After much searching we found the permissive path!

Seemed a good spot for a drink.

Now, who would ever climb that ladder?

Couldn't resist a good angle!

Nice  benches!

Take your pick.

Time to move on

Sadly the furnace site could only be glimpsed through the builders barricade, but will be viewable on the Open Weekend.

There's a good Oak, circa 1580.

Nearing the end of our walk.

and a very enjoyable picnic.