Midhurst Footpath Companions
Walking in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Bubble walks 9th December 2020

Celia and Miguel's  walk began at the junction of Bepton Close and Pitsham Wood. We walked along the Jubilee Path to South Pond, down through the Wharf and via Cowdray to the Rother Path. After reaching Woolbeding ,we then went through Midhurst Common back to our starting point. We were pleased to have better weather with no rain or fog.

Egyptian goose. Once sacred in Egypt, in the United Kingdom in 2009, it was officially declared a non-native species. Accordingly, Egyptian geese in Britain may be shot without special permission if they cause problems.

Wharf bridge

C18th Cowdray House bridge

Cowdray House, visited by Henry VIII, Edward VI and Elizabeth I before it burnt down in 1793.

"But didn't Mary Queen of Scots also visit there" - "Not too sure but her mother did when Mary was a child in 1551"

Mill Bridge weir

Coffee time

Woolbeding folly

Construction at Woolbeding -- a new ten sided "kinetic" glasshouse set in a specially landscaped series of garden zones, will exhibit flowers, trees and shrubs that depict the key regions of the Silk Route. This route from Asia to Europe was used to bring many plants that characterise English gardens and parks. It should be ready to be open to the public next Spring. We met the couple who live next door to the gardens who are worried about all the visitors who may turn up to see this new addition.

On the downhill stretch and hoping that the cows and, more especially the bull, will let us go through the open gate area where they were all gathered together!



Marian and Tim's walk started from the Causeway Car park and after being joined by guest walker Jennie, took the Rother walk up to Woolbeding. After a look at the huge Greenhouse being erected, we stopped in the grounds of All Hallows church, with a history going back over 1,000 years, Suitably refreshed we took the field route parallel to Hollist Lane before turning up Old Buddington Lane and Buddington Farmhouse. After regaining Hollist lane we headed for the Cowdray Cafe and eventually returned to the car park via the Causeway. The walk was about 5.1/2 miles

Descending from Whiphill Wood

Chatting on Woolbeding Bridge

Off we go!

Just checking the tyres on this huge lorry loaded with the glass segments for the greenhouse. There were 2 lorries both had come from Spain.


Church path 

All Hallows Church

Woolbeding House in the background.

On good authority, this is a GOAT.

About 5.1/2 miles



Peter’s bubble walk started at Rogate village hall, then headed up North Street a short distance before branching right following the footpath across a field, then turning left into and up North Street a little then left along Halecommon Lane, branching right onto the footpath to Commonside Road, following the road onto Halecommon and up to Canada Cottage, returning a different route to Slade Lane then left following the footpath to Rogate, through Rogate Church yard into the recreation field, where we REALLY had exercise on the new outdoor gym, great fun had by all. A good relaxing walk with far reaching views, including a detour to avoid cattle movement, about four miles.

The start at the village car park

New plantation on Halecommon.

On our way to Canada Cottage


Misty Downs

St Barthoiomew Rogate

Escaping Father Christmases

The new multi gym

Are you going first or me?

Some never grow up!

Our photographer being photographed.