Midhurst Footpath Companions
Walking in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Bubble walks on 12th May 2021

Catherine kindly volunteered to lead a walk near Milland, starting from near the old Post office. We walked past Hollycombe Primary School and up through to the top of Wardley Hanger. After passing Milland House we walked along the top of Great Hanger before turning north to our drinks stop (with seats!) in the grounds of Milland church  and the nearby Tuxlith Chapel. Tuxlith Chapel is under the care of The Friends of Friendless Churches. It was probably the main place of worship for the area from the 12th Century, but was found to be too small and replaced by the adjacent St Luke's in 1879. Refreshed we headed south down stone steps of medieval origin above Maysleith House. Across the road (used by Romans travelling between Chichester and Silchester, but not recently) and then a quick look at Milland Place - an enormous building (with an interesting history) in need of some TLC!!. After going through Upper Wardley we passed the very busy playground of Hollycombe School before reaching our parking spot. Some of us then supported the Community Shop back in Milland village. The walk was about 4.1/2 to 5 miles.

The forecast was quite good...

but nobody told the weather about the forecast

but on top of Wardley Hanger, Catherine waved the rain away.

and it worked!

Wardley Hanger

Horse whisperer at work

Tuxlith Chapel looking very well preserved.

Medieval steps, to be taken carefully!

Nearly there.

Pond below Milland Place

Milland Place chimneys, may need some weeding.

About 4.1/2 to 5 miles.


Starting from the village pond in Buriton, Pauline led a walk uphill going towards Queen Elizabeth Country Park, when reaching the South Downs Way, we used this footpath to Coulters Dean, resisting the delicious looking flapjack left out for passing walkers and cyclists on the way and continued on the undulating paths back into the village, just over four miles in total. On route passing the old chalk quarry now a habitat for many chalk loving plants and wildlife and the old hop fields, another industry that for 150 years had once thrived in Buriton. There is a fascinating village website on the heritage of Buriton - click HERE  On this walk we once again welcomed Debbie and Rob who we are very pleased to say will be walking with us regularly.

Buriton Pond

Starting out.

Nice thatch

Old quarry truck

One of several wood carvings along the trail

Looking sheepish.

Refreshments if needed.

Nice gates for Buriton House, built in 1910 by Lothian George Bonham Carter, a Hampshire County Cricketer.

Classy brickwork

Parish Church of St Mary, built between 1150 and 1200. 


Peter’s walk took us around Chichester Marina and onto Birdham Pool Marina, a level walk with no stiles and a fresh sea breeze, an interesting change from woodland walking, about six miles.

Starting from Chichester Marina.

All resting before the coming weekend

A sculpture by??? see next picture

Question answered

I've had my bottom scraped!!

Little egret in hiding

Lovely view across the estuary

Coffee break somewhere?

We were listening to the skylarks-------

---------before crop spraying began.

Waiting for a swan song

Look at our lovely babies