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Walking in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Chichester Day Walk 20th November 2019

Marian, Linda, June and Maddie took walkers from the old railway station in Lavant into the centre of Chichester along many footpaths and roads until we reached the city walls.        The town was originally built by the Romans about 2,000 years ago and after a couple of centuries they decided to build a wall around their encampment. It was never used in anger and fell into disrepair until the Hundred Years war with the French prompted the inhabitants to do some repairs in 1378. It actually had an 800 seat amphitheatre but sadly this was destroyed by a crashing B-17 bomber in 1944.      The morning was quite cold but not impossibly so, but we were nevertheless pleased to reach our lunch spot, The Crate and Apple. After some very good food many walkers then did a walk around the Cathedral and nearby gardens before eventually catching a bus to get back home. The morning walk  was about 4 miles and another 3 or 4 were walked in the afternoon.