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Rogate Day walk 6th November 2019

Denis led a Magnificent Seven up in the woods above Rogate and also spent some time looking at the incredible bike track routes in the woods at Tullecombe. Toadstools/mushrooms were shooting up everywhere, but only about 4% of the varieties are worth eating, 1% can kill you and 20% may make you sick, whearas magic ones are just magical, so they say, so be careful (the sighting of a small dragon was not thought to be caused by any mushroom ingestion). Walkers reached The Jolly Drover in Hillbrow to enjoy a pleasant lunch before heading back to Rogate via Rogate Common and Slade Farm. The weather had been excellent during the morning but there was a bit of drizzle on the trip back to Rogate Recreation Ground. Many thanks to Isabel for mapping and Pauline for the photos.