Midhurst Footpath Companions
Walking in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Singleton and the Deer Park 17th November 2021

Peter's Strollers met in the Deer Park car park, where we later had lunch. We first headed towards Harting, but after less than a quarter of a  mile, dived into a wood towards Down Park Farm.  After admiring some ancient machinery, we turned North and walked along the boundary of the West Heath Quarry before reaching the route of the old Midhurst to Petersfield Railway (which closed in 1955). The old railway route took us  back towards Durford Mill. With the kind permission from Sky Park Deer Farm, we had our drinks on the bank of the River Rother, then looped around and headed through the deer park before finally walking past Rival Lodge and reaching the Deer Park for lunch.

Gathering in the car park

Just won't start, could be a flat battery?

West Heath Quarry

Hope you're lichen this photo .

On top of the railway embankment was a very old tree root.

Looking very comfortable

Oh dear, looks like we went the wrong  way .

The punishment should always suit the crime but  "Trespassers will be melted in boiling lava" seems a bit over the top

Handy tables by the Rother

Treading past the  new broad beans.

Resting in the sunshine

Passing Rival Lodge

Back for lunch.

Just over 3 miles.




Isabel's  group started in Singleton village and walked through the cricket ground and straight on over the old railway line and upwards via Hat Hill, stopping from time to time to enjoy the view. We circled round Downley Cottage and gradually made our way downhill to the Chichester road, passed Drovers and went up Levin Down. The final stretch was downhill back to Singleton. Lunch was taken in The Royal Oak.

Starting out

Just leaving the green at Singletgon

Midhurst to Chichester railway line, shut to passengers in 1935 and final freight near Lavant stopped in 1991.

Yup, the trains went under this bridge.

Puttocks Copse

Passing Downley Cottage

Sheds at Downley Cottage

Glorious Autumn colours

Fantastic old beech with fungi at the Drovers