Midhurst Footpath Companions
Walking in Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.



Bubble Walks 7th October 2020

Jean's walk in Tillington  was full of surprises. After walking uphill as far as the monument, the walkers were warned not to traverse Upperton Common as a power cable had fallen across the path. After some re-routing there was a surprise meeting with another bubble going in the opposite direction near Pitshill. A nice walk through the vineyards and up and down the lanes eventually ended at the Cricket pitch. Another suprise was the celebration of Jean's birthday (which she had previously kept quiet!) and to end the day an aerobatic display up in the air. 

Finding a route through Upperton

Well, these people look familiar.....

Nice pond at Pitshill.

Plenty of grapes in the vineyard.

This must be the nicest picnic spot in the country!

Quality check in progress.

Male common blue

Birthday girl and amazing cookie!

Upside down French aerobatic plane CAP 232 putting on a display.

About 3.1/2 miles



Den's walk was a nice walk through the Vineyards and up around Pitshill where we met the other bubble coming the other way. Carrying on to Upperton Common, we saw no warnings of downed power cables so carried on with our intended walk. We met 2 ladies going the other way who said a cable was across the path but easily avoided. At this moment one of our party tripped and landed face down on the path. After laying still for a short while to recover, our faller managed to get back on her feet, cheerfully claiming to be merely attention seeking. We soon found the fallen cable which was easily stepped over. After making our way to the cricket pitch we had our own (late) birthday celebrations and were fortunate to be able to share the party food from the other bubble.

Posing in the churchyard

Chardonnay in the making, we were told.

and that's France, just over the hill.

Pitshill - shell house on the left.

Inside the Shell House, looking up at the roof window. Fantastic restoration by Katherine Lloyd.

Coffee stop

Holly berries galore at Pitshill Stables

Swinging birthday girl.

Two Bubbles tea party.



Peter’s walk started at the car park at Older hill and took us to the trig point, with fantastic views on the way, and continued through woodlands to Woolbeding Common, and on to an interesting walk through the grounds of the old King Edward V11 sanatorium. Fine weather, a very enjoyable walk.

Older hill, Titty Hill in the background.

Nice old trig point.

Autumn's here.

Some are taller than others.

Bubble Walks 30th September 2020

Linda and Tim's walk started from the church of St Peter in Terwick. We had an interesting meet up with three Alpacas before walking up to the top of the hill  at Borden. A walk through Rondle Wood was interrupted by an urgent need to stop for a celebration coffee stop. Not all the coffee got drunk, but the other refreshments available seem to go down quite well. Suitably rejuvenated we turned south for Terwick Common and eventually reached our cars as the rain started to fall. About 3.6 miles.

Unusual miniature pear tree seeking a name please?

Three smartly shaved Alpacas being let out for the day.


What's so interesting over there?

Should have known - horses of course.

Another friendly horse.

Shall we go that way?


Another wonderful Sussex sunken lane.

About 3.6 miles.



Peter's bubble walked around Midhurst and West Lavington and ended up in the Cowdray Cafe car park, sheltering under a convenient tree whilst the rain fell.

Handy seat, although it could conveniently be a little smaller.....

Telephone box for trunk calls?

Lovely Sussex house and garden.

Plenty of choice here.

West Lavington Garage, not currently trading.



Isabels walk report:- 

We set off from Iping Common car park and walked down the Iping road. We then headed through fields and woodlands, walking gradually uphill in the direction of St Cuthman's School. We stopped at the top of the hill for a coffee break and admired the views, although we were anxious about the black clouds rolling over the South Downs. We made our way fairly quickly down the hill towards Stedham and back to the car park, arriving at the cars just as the rain started! The walk was four and a half miles. --

Setting  off from Iping Common car park and well prepared!

From !ping bridge.

Iping Church

Coffee stop

Happy walker

Wild cyclamen at Stedham

Stedham Mill

Bubble Walk 23rd September 2020

With  some damp weather forecast, the Bubbles were down to one Bubble!   Led by Liz, we had an excellent walk from Liphook. After passing under the A3 the route went through Bramshott churchyard before dropping down a sunken path to Bramshott Vale. After some lane walking we turned towards Conford, passing Passfield Manor before eventually looping back to  Bramshott Vale and eventually Liphook. An excellent walk with  a great variety of vegetation and houses en route - a little under 5 miles.

Canadian memorial bridge in Liphook with the remains of an ancient water viaduct in the background. It served a complex water system for a large meadow area for more than 300 years.

Passing under the A3

Some of the 318 Canadian graves at Bramshott, mostly survivors of WW1 but victims of the Spanish flu.

Studying the amazing tree roots in Tunbridge Lane.

Passfield Manor

Passfield Manor

Coffee stop

Conford Village Hall, once the village school.

Some rain at Conford Park Farm

Huge statue at Conford Park Farm

Conford Farm lake

Near Conford Park Gate

Highland cattle, found to be much less hazardous  than a biting dog we had met a little earlier!

Bubble Walks 16th September 2020

Janet led a very nice walk through Durford Woods which is managed by the Woodland Trust. From Hill Brow heading towards Rogate Common with some lovely views of Harting Down and Buster Hill, the walk went downhill towards Durleighmarsh before the ascent back to the car park, around four miles in total.

Good mornings work, sawing that wood.

Honourable walk leader for the day.

Miguel clearing the path again

Fungi time

NOT for eating!

South Downs, high above the prairie.

Field of blue???????  Answers please?!

About 4 miles



Tim's walk started from The Grange car park and heading down the Wharf before heading for West Lavington. We were 8 in number and this including 2 walkers we welcomed back to our group, Marian and Maddie. We walked through Todham Rough, passing through the Goldballs Plantation before reaching Walkers Farm.

From there we took the Serpent Trail to reach the back  of the  Royal Oak. Resisting the temptation we carried on to the Midhurst Town Square for a very pleasant coffee before finishing our walk.

Interesting collection

Must be easier than walking

Coffee stop

Mostly good distancing!

Maddie looking for wildlife.

Dunford House, looking a bit sad with foliage growing out of the top window.

Coffee in the car park.

About 4.1/2 miles.



Mary’s walk took us from Selborne to Noar Hill across Gilbert White country and down the zig zag steps, good weather and a  lovely walk.

Car park start in Selborne village.

Selborne's  water supply up until 1934 was supplied to the village using a ram pump, hidden behind the door

Orchid rich nature reserve

Busy bee on Scabious

Resting on top of Noar Hill

Selborne from the top of Selborne Hill

 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅘𝅥𝅮  Hello, can you hear me?  I must've called a thousand times 𝅘𝅥𝅘𝅥𝅮

Descending the zig-zag path carved out by Gilbert white and his brother in 1753.

Bubble walks 9th September 2020

Hopefully you will have seen an email from Isabel correcting the above as we are an  outdoor

exercising group who have taken precautions. So we will carry on as before and as always, take care.



Pauline led a local walk from Easebourne, up through the Race (an avenue of enormous sweet chestnut trees) and the ascent to Vining farm was rewarded by the beautiful views and a coffee stop followed by the descent through an ancient sunken track where livestock were once taken, lined by badger setts and onto the newly planted avenue of lime trees commemorating Queen Elizabeth II jubilee year. After almost five miles of very different terrain and a cold shower from the polo field sprinklers we were back at the start.

Climbing the hill

Is he trying to be a Zebra?

Resting before the climb to Loves Farm.

Cowdray Castle

Nathan's wood carving. Does anyone know who Nathan is/was???

Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee trees

Resting, post walk.

Nearly 5 miles



Linda led us from Silvia Beaufoy car park and through Petworth Park, before diving down the back of Petworth to eventually climb up to Brinkshole Heath. A great variety of scenery, with plenty of views, we walked through Byworth before making tracks for Petworth Town. Whilst we found plenty of antique shops, we had a lot of trouble before finding an excellent coffee shop.

Descending from Petworth

We have it on good authority that the white horse was truly asleep.

Coffee stop in Brinkshole Heath

Heading for Byworth

Shop must shut on Wednesdays?

Byworth duck house, no expense spared.

There must be a coffee shop somewhere.....

Under 5 miles



Peter's walk was around Cocking, including Philips Jackson's garden and an old tunnel under the deceased Midhurst to Chichester railway..  Lovely photos very kindly provided by guest walker Jo. Thank you!

No rucksacks on these walkers?

Phili[p Jacksons garden at Casters Brook

Caterpillar of the Sycamore moth at his most colourful stage of dressing up.

Sycamore moth

Coffee stop

Old railway tunnel

Species lovebirds, we believe.

Treemendous grouping.