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Bubble walk on 30th June 2021

With several people on holiday or with sick notes, Pauline kindly agreed to sharing her walk with the Marian/Linda bubble. We started out from the stream at West Dean and headed up the Monarch's Way towards the Trundle. It was not easy walking but very rewarding at the top of Haye's Down. A vast area was covered in poppies and added to the  superb views over towards Goodwood. After many many photographs we headed even higher and eventually reached the top of the Trundle.  The effort was very worthwhile with excellent views and whole banks of  pink orchids. A tractor cutting a field for hay attracted several red kites, on the look-out for a ready meal. A drinks break was taken in the car park before we headed down the Sussex Literary trail and eventually back to West Dean.  The shop in West Dean provided us with excellent coffees and sausage buns. 

Leaving West Dean

Walking the Monarch's Way

Stunning poppies in amongst the linseed.

House for hire on top of Haye's Down. Yours for a week in September for £12.000

Distant view of Chichester Cathedral

Just before the final climb.

Trig point on top of the Trundle

Not many punters at Goodwood today.

On top of the world

Circling the Trundle

Flowers everywhere

Especially orchids

Even white ones!

Wild Goat's Beard - also known as Jack-Go-To-Bed-At-Noon.

Red Kites constantly hovering, looking for a meal

We couldn't resist a group photo as we again passed the poppies.

Descending the Literary Trail

A call of nature?

Going downhill at last

Linda's found a shepherd

Wonderful walk leader richly deserved the huge sausage roll.