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Bubble Walks on 7th July 2021

Denis kindly led a walk from the Ironhill car park near Liphook, where we were joined by Pauline's group to have a walk up to Linchmere. Why Ironhill has that name remains a mystery. There were iron producing furnaces in Sicklemill, Hammer, Redford, Fernhurst and just below Henley village, so perhaps this was a good source of raw material to be processed elsewhere. Iron production stopped in the area during the 17/18th century. This area is now a nature reserve. After climbing through the bracken of Stanley Common we walked through Linchmere Common to have a coffee break in the church. Seating was excellent with a wonderful view. Almost as good as Pauline's biscuits. The way back was interesting - with some areas still flooded from the previous day's rain. One steep hill was a good test for those recovering from leg surgery and thankfully surmounted successfully. In the middle of a wood we found an ancient memorial stone, engraved IM.1679, RS.1791 and RL1802, but searching on the internet has not produced any further information. After visiting some hobbits in the nature reserve we eventually reached the car park after 4.3/4 miles over some lovely countryside. Footnote - apparently the Selborne wishing stone tested on 9th June does work, sometimes within 10 days!

Meeting up once again. The Ironhill car park.

We rescued this lucky toad

and took him over the road.

Poet, don't know it!

Stanley Common bracken

Small pond on Stanley Common.

Some residents of Danley Lane still need a phone box.

Nice piece of chainsaw sculpture

Linchmere Church, originally Saxon and rebuilt in the 12th century.

Oooooh, they look nice.

View through the glass South door.   "For now we see through a glass darkly but then face to face." 

Approaching Poison Copse.

Some paths were drier than others.

Luckily in some places planks have been placed to cover the puddles.

We found a mystery stone.

RS 1791, IM 1679 and RL 1802. Any ideas??

Is that a hill approaching?

"So, it was like this".

Perhaps Celina was wishing for a tree house!

About 4.3/4 miles.




Peter’s bubble walk was in and around Bosham, we started from the car park with overcast skies and a slight drizzle, and headed for the sea front. Soon the weather brightened up with sunshine and a light breeze, and we all enjoyed a lovely walk with picturesque views.

Just checking the tides before continuing

Bosham Quay

Holy Trinity Church is the oldest known place of worship in West Sussex, a grade one listed Anglican church, there was a church on this site in Saxon times.

A wet end street

The Anchor Bleu, circa 18th century with early 19th century additions.

Spot the black bird, any suggestions what it could be?

Idyllic view.

Coffee break.

Horse mounting blocks?

"Hello sailor"

Lovely family group.