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Trundle walk 3rd November 2021

The weather was absolutely superb for Celia and Miguel's walk from Lavant village up towards the Trundle. We started out from Sheepwash Lane, next to an almost completely dry River Lavant, in spite of all the recent rain. Near to Sheepwash Lane is The Earl of March pub, supposedly where William Blake composed the words to Jerusalem. "and did those feet in ancient time, Walk upon England's mountains green"  whilst gazing out of the window and quaffing an ale. Our route took us past the site of a Dame School in East Lavant and up Pook Lane before turning left up Chalkpit Lane. We eventually made the decision to make the final ascent to the Trundle, where we were rewarded with fine views of Goodwood Racecourse and beyond in one direction and The English Channel and the Isle of Wight in the other direction. We decided to descend to the Trundle car park for our drinks break. Adjacent is a house rebuilt around 1990 called The Rubbing House - originally known as The Rubbin' House, it being the place where the horses were rubbed down after ascending Chalkpit Lane.  Our descent was via The West Sussex Literary Trail, but we only did about 2.1/2 of the 55 miles before reaching our cars back in Lavant. Several walkers felt they needed refuelling so they stopped on the way home in the Royal Oak.

Starting out

River Lavant, dry despite the Rother and the Itchen having had notably high rates of flow for the time of year.

Sheepwash  Lane

And did those feet in ancient time, Walk upon England's mountains green?

Glint of the sea on the horizon.

Red Admiral, probably  travelled here from Europe.

Top of the hill, once a  Neolithic enclosure between 3,000 to 10,000 years BC ago. The sea water was then 120 metres lower than today and the Isle of  Wight was joined to the mainland. If emissions continue on their current track, Portsmouth will be under water in 80 years. Best stay up on the hill for now!

Racecourse in the background

Where  nicer for a bike ride?

What a view!

Descending from the Trundle

Site of the Rubbin' House on Goodwood hill, now The Rubbing House, yours for £12,000 a week.

Who's got all the sweeties ?

It must be Greta Garbo...................................................................."I vant to be alone."..

 Nice grouping

Just call me Spot.

About 5 miles




Meanwhile, the  Amblers led by Peter had gone to Petworth.

In the garden, Petworth House.